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Tuesday the 31st of January

I started school at 9 today, which doesn't really mean much sleep-wise, because there are no busses that leave later than 8 that would drop me off even remotely near school, so I only slept for like 20 minutes more than usual. But since my host mom was going into Vienne to get Loupy neutered, she offered to take me with her - I still got to school 30 minutes too early, so I went to the library and translated some words that I had written down the day before.

First periods was Latin which wasn't the best. We had a test and we had to analyse a text and write a few paragraphs about it, but I didn't understand most of the words, because the text had been written a long time ago, so old words were used. I went straight to my next class (English) after that, even though there was a 15 minute break. Didn't have a great time in English either - sat next to a very talkative girl who kept getting yelled at by the teacher, it have been becoming very angry at how little respect th…

Sunday the 29th and Monday the 30th of January

I am very proud of myself. I went to the pool today and swam for about 45 minutes at like 11! It was a very spontaneous thing - I literally woke up 30 minutes before the bus left and got dressed 5 minutes before it left, because I wasn't sure if I even wanted to go. I am extremely glad that I went - it felt so good! Granted, I have never felt so weak in my life, but I also forgot how much I actually like swimming when there is no one screaming at me. There were quite a lot of people at the pool, so I didn't have my own lane or anything, but when you are swimming, you don't have to talk to anyone and I got some real time to myself - with no phone, which was really great and which hasn't happened in a while.

The pool closed at 12:15, so I got out earlier to take a nice shower (not a huge fan of the shower at my host families house...). The next bus left like an hour later and even though my host dad offered to pick me up - I decided to grab a bite in Vienne and wa…

Saturday the 28th of January

A lot happened today! We went to the open house for the private school and it went really well. I would love to go to that school. We took the tour and the (singular) building is much smaller which I really appreciate - I don't want to have to walk 5 minutes just to get to my next class. We met with the principal and a few teachers and if I am accepted, I will be in 11th grade and not 10th. This makes more sense, because 10th grade is very general, but in 11th grade there are different branches to choose from - I would take the literature branch, because there is much more French/philosophy and less science/math which is much better for me here. There would also only be 15 students in my class, because the French tend to not take the literature branch.

We talked to an English teacher that "takes care of" international students - currently there are 5 international students, 3 of which would be in my class. She was really nice and talked about how they integrate the stude…

Friday the 27th of January

I had an extremely long/exhausting day at school today: 9:00-6:00. Since there are no busses that leave from my bus stop and get to school around 9:00, I had to take a different bus route which required about 20 minutes of walking, and I still got to school like 30 minutes too early. All of my classmate friends had Italian from 8:00-9:00, so I had no one to talk to when I arrived and was the weird person who just stands around while everyone else talks to their friends.

First period was math - pretty easy. Then I had gym for the first time. It was not the best. First of all, the facility is huge! We are doing gymnastics, and the gym was decked out with balance beams, uneven bars, an olympic sized gymnastic floor, pommel horses, still rings, vaults, parallel bars and a huge climbing wall! All of my classmates seemed to know exactly what they were doing, so I mostly watched.

Then we had a 2 hour break to eat, and since we had school until 6:00, I decided to eat at the "self" w…

Monday the 23rd - Thursday the 26th of January

Monday the 23rd
Not much happened happened on Monday, because I had school till 4. I was supposed to have it until 5:30, but our physics-chemistry teacher was absent which I was fine with. I had wanted to go to the pool after school, because the pool opens at 5:30 and it would have worked out perfectly, but I didn't want to stay at school doing nothing for an hour, so I didn't go to the pool. Very eventful day.

Tuesday the 24th
A lot happened at school on Tuesday friends-wise. I had been contemplating changing school and going to a closer private school with like half the amount the students and much better bus connections. Partly because I wasn't feeling great about the education at the public school, but also because I was not integrating very well. Tuesday changed things somewhat.

So we had English 3rd period, and I sit next to the girl that I sort of befriended last week and I asked her what her plans were for lunch and the afternoon. She said that she was eating at the…

Sunday the 22nd of January

Today (I caught up!) was a great day! We are currently driving back to Vienne – an 1 ½ hour drive. This morning we left my host Grandma’s house after breakfast and drove to my host dad’s sisters house to eat lunch. She had made everyone’s favorite dish: Choucroute. It is basically meat, on meat, on meat. In detail, it is sauerkraut with sausage, 2 different types of ham, and potatoes. I wasn’t that hungry, but I tried a little of everything and it was pretty good. Not something to eat everyday though lol.
Boy to the French like to have long meals! We were sitting at the dinner table for like an hour! It is fun though, because we talk half the time – I like to listen and learn some new things. For example today I learned the French word for sex! I have also been leaning lots of curse words ;D– things that I don’t learn at school in Austria. I also find it hilarious how the French say “go peepee” in serious sentences. Then we drove to Montélimar (the city of nougat) to walk off lunch. W…

Saturday the 21st of January

I’m writing this on the 22nd ;( - I was tired yesterday so I didn’t want to stay up and write this. Anyway – the 21st was a fun day! We woke up at like 9 and my host parents, sister and I went to Arles, a small town near their Grandmas house. We arrived at about 10 and went into Arles. It was a cute little town with Roman ruins and old buildings, typical France.
My host mom showed me these little statues called santons that are from that region – they are very detailed and very expensive. They have an extensive history – people started to make them to show the birth of Jesus and through the years the use was changed, and they are mostly used to depict the typical life here. They started out being pretty big, maybe American girl doll size, but they have gotten smaller and smaller and are now anywhere from 8-20 cm.

Then we got some authentic meringue, which was soo good! I have attempted meringue so many times and it never seems to work out correctly, so it was nice to try some actual me…

Thursday the 19th and Friday the 20th of January

Thursday the 19th Even though I am writing this on Friday, I cannot remember a lot of what happened yesterday, which either means that it is not worth telling, or should not be told. lol.
Friday the 20th Finally! I have caught up! The day that I am writing this is actually the 20th. Sooo... today was pretty eventful. I woke up at like 8 and packed for later, because we drove to my host grandmas house. More on that later. My host mom and I took the bus into Vienne to check out a private school, because I am not feeling that great about the public school that I am attending. We got the email and phone number of the principal and I believe that my host mom made an appointment for next week to meet with her and see if I can change schools or try the school out for a day to see if I like it.
Then we took the bus back and I wrote the second day of school in my room. Everyone came home at 12 and we ate lunch together. We left at about 1 and we drove for about an 1 1/2 hour, when we arrived in Av…