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5 things I want to do while in Vienne

1.) I want to speak French fluidly and with an accent

I think that this is pretty self explanatory - the whole point of me going to France is to improve my French and speak three languages fluently. I don't expect this to be easy, but it will be my main priority in Vienne. What I have seen happen with other people trying to learn a foreign language in a different country, is that people just speak English to them, so I am really going to try to only speak French while I'm there.

2.) I want to take a second everyday
This might not make sense for a lot of people, but there is an app where you video something everyday and it crops the video to one second, so that at the end of the year you have a 3:30 min video of one second everyday. I did this last year and it is a great way to commemorate important times in your life, and days where you just want to stay at home with your cats. What I also love about this app, is that it motivates you to go out and do something interesting, so that you don't just have seconds of your cats (which I am guilty of...).

3.) I want to try a new sport
This is an important one for me. I have been becoming more and more inactive since I stopped swimming last year and I really want to slap my laziness in the face and find a sport that I enjoy and that I can do in Austria when I come back.

4.) I want to eat like a local
I really want to immerse myself in the French culture and try things that I might not have tried in Austria. I am a vegetarian in Austria, but I know that people tend to eat a lot of meat in France and especially in the Lyonnaise cuisine, which I expect to be eating a lot, and I don't want to limit my experiences by not allowing myself to eat certain things. Even things that seem, well, questionable, I will try. I will hold myself to this rule for 6 months.

5.) I want to form a great relationship with my host family
This is also a very important goal for me, and hopefully not too hard. I mean, I will be living in their house for 6 months so open communication and understanding will be necessary. I expect the first month or so to be very hard - I have to adjust to a whole new lifestyle, to new house rules and a completely different schedule. 

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