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Second day of school

I am writing this on Friday, because I had very little time during the week

Tuesday the 17th of January
So every Tuesday and every other Friday I start school at 9, which means that I get to sleep for one more hour! My host mom drove me to school and I arrived a little bit earlier than I wanted and had to wait in front of the classroom for like 10 minutes, because I didn't know where my classmates hang out before class starts.

First period was Latin - it went a little better than I expected. I thought that everyone was going to be fluent in Latin and just be translating old texts, but we did more history than translating. We talked about Spartacus which was great as we had already talked about him in Austria. We did have to translate a short text which was fairly simple, but I had to translate it into German, because I don't all of the French terms for old Latin words.

After Latin, there was a 15 min break and I just stood around with the big group of girls from my class - it seems like everyone knows who they are, because every 30 seconds a new person would come over and do the 2 kisses and the circle of girls just kept getting bigger until the bell rang. I was feeling very lost - I didn't know anyone and they were speaking extremely fast and in a sort of dialect.

Then we had English in another building - it was super windy and cold outside so I would have much rather stayed in the same building. English was basically the same as Monday. We were talking about Route 66 and the teacher made me name all of the states that Route 66 goes through so that my classmates know how to pronounce the states. I also learned that the French can't pronounce the word "motel".

4th period was history-geography, which was also fine I guess. More interesting than the other subjects and the teacher seemed to at least know what he was talking about. It wasn't a very memorable class so I don't have that much to say about it.

Then the hard part started: lunch. I didn't want to pay 4 euros for some couscous again, so I decided to go the canteen and buy a sandwich and meet up with the big group at the self. It all worked out fine and I got a sandwich, but the line to go the self is crazy! It took a good 10 minutes for me to reach the end of the line and by then I had already finished my sandwich. I finally found the group of girls where they said that they would be and sat with them for an hour and said maybe 5 sentences. It is hard to participate in a conversation when you are sitting on the edge and you have no idea what the conversation is about. The five sentences were probably all questions...

After *that*, we had French which was just as boring as Monday. I think that the teacher should be an actress.

We had another hour break after that and the group of girls "rented" a room to "study" in before the next period. There was also another girl from my class (I don't believe that she is a part of the big group of girls) who I had sat next to in English the day before. I needed to go the secretary and ask a few questions and didn't want to go alone and she seemed to have nothing to do, so I asked her if she wanted to go with me. She accepted and we went to the other building together.

I asked if I would be given the school books, or if I needed to get them myself. The secretary was pretty mean and laughed at the idea that the school would buy books for me - thanks for your help. Then I had to go the the CDI, which is like a secretary for the students?, and I got a "correspondence book". Then we returned to the "study" room (in reality they were just using Snapchat with their math books on the table) and the girl and I had a pretty great conversation and I thought that we could be good friends.

Last period was German which was also pretty much the same as Monday. We talked about the same text and about our dreams jobs. I had brought some mini haribos for the class and I figured that German would probably be the best class to hand them out in, because Haribo is a German company. I passed them out at then end of the lesson and recieved lots of positive feedback. I had to catch the bus on the way back so I kind of ran out of school out of fear of missing the bus, but it actually turned out that I was like 10 min to early.

The bus experience was fine - not very eventful, although there was a lot of traffic.

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  1. Even if I wasn't your parent, which I am, and very VERY proud!, I'd still find this absolutely fascinating to read. You may have found your niche ... blogging about semesters abroad, learning languages and making friends. I will never forget your comment on the phone - the girl you wanted to be friends with was taking Italian instead of Latin, so you thought you'd just switch to Italian ... like no big deal. You are Amazing.


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