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Things that I am worried about

Right now I am in the train on my way to Vienna, where I will be staying with my dad for one night until my flight tomorrow. I am listening to Pentatonix, because they are amazing.
I got a wave of fear/dread and while sitting here and realizing that I will be gone for 6 whole months. In the whole scheme of things, 6 months is not that long, but having to face it head on is really daunting. I mean, of course I am super excited and am looking forward to having some great experiences, but this is a very intimidating experience.So here are some things that I am worried about right now (I expect this to change in a few weeks...)

1.) I am worried that I will not be able to speak French well enough 
I think that this is a very rational fear. Even though I have been learning French for 4 years and have a French TA at school I just have a feeling that everyone has been tricking me and that the French actually speak super fast and with a weird accent and that I will not understand even that simplest questions. Ok, that might not be as rational...

2.) I am worried that my cats will forget who I am when I go back
I have asked my dad many times if they will forget me and he has always assured me that they will remember me, but I'm not so sure. They aren't dogs so I don't expect them to rush back to me and be obsessed with me when I get back, but I have a very special relationship with Luna and I don't know if it will be like that when I return. I am also kind of scared for Cleo and Luna, because they both get stressed out easily and I am usually at home to comfort them. I also cannot tell them that I'm going, because they don't understand (so we think... 🐱) and I feel like I'm betraying them.

Also, I just noticed that the only Pentatatonix songs that have been playing for the past 15 minutes have all been sad songs and it's kinda putting me in a depressed mood. Oh! Finally my favorite song.

3.) I am worried that my host family and my classmates won't like me
I don't know how rational this fear is. I just hope that I make great first impressions and don't do anything weird. But that is also something that I am worried about - what is weird in France compared to Austria? I will need at least 2 weeks to observe and see what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. I'll just try to be very neutral and laugh at every joke so I get in good with everyone 😂. I plan to wear my Good Mythical Morning hoodie in the first week and if anyone in my class watches them I have a great ice breaker.

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