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Tuesday the 31st of January

I started school at 9 today, which doesn't really mean much sleep-wise, because there are no busses that leave later than 8 that would drop me off even remotely near school, so I only slept for like 20 minutes more than usual. But since my host mom was going into Vienne to get Loupy neutered, she offered to take me with her - I still got to school 30 minutes too early, so I went to the library and translated some words that I had written down the day before.

First periods was Latin which wasn't the best. We had a test and we had to analyse a text and write a few paragraphs about it, but I didn't understand most of the words, because the text had been written a long time ago, so old words were used. I went straight to my next class (English) after that, even though there was a 15 minute break. Didn't have a great time in English either - sat next to a very talkative girl who kept getting yelled at by the teacher, it have been becoming very angry at how little respect the students have for the teachers here! Not just a few students, all of them just talk when they should be listening and behave like 5 year olds when teachers get angry at them! "I wasn't even talking!" "She started it!" It is extremely infuriating.

Then we had History and the same thing happened - the teacher has a little more control over the students though, so it wasn't as bad.

I wasn't hungry at all for lunch, so I decided to go to the self with everyone else and just not get anything - like I had done before a few times. But this time the lunch lady was in a bad mood and would not let me sit with everyone else, because I had not bought any food, so she made me leave after a few minutes of discussing. AND she wouldn't let me leave the way you leave after you have finished eating, no, she made me go BACK DOWN THE STAIRS where literally hundreds of students were squished, trying to get UP the stairs. I was not in the mood at all to squeeze my way through there, so I waited by the side for a good 15 minutes for there to be enough room to go back down.

I had no idea where anyone else from my class was, so went to the building where we usually wait before French class, but after 5 minutes there "security" came and told me that I could not "loiter" in the hallways. I was extremely fed up with the whole day, but I followed their instructions and left the building, planning to go the library. Halfway to the library, I ran into some girls in my class and we went back to where I had come from, but "security" never came to kick us out.

French was boring, even though it was entertaining to watch the teacher. After French, I had a 1 hour break before German and was planning on going to the library, because everyone else had English (different group). On my way out of the building I ran into the girl I befriended, who had the hour break as well - she needed to talk to the French teacher though, so we went back to the third floor. She talked to the teacher for 30 minutes and then we went to the other building where we had German together. We talked for a bit, but then the bell rang.

German was fine, although everyone was talking which was making me furious again. They seriously act like 5 year olds, and I would know, because the 5 year olds in my orchestra act the same way. Speaking of orchestra, I had orchestra today! (I am applauding myself for that transition.) I love orchestra! The stuff we are playing isn't hard and I play accompaniment which is even easier, but it is super fun - a little hard on my ears sometimes. My private lesson also went well - I really need to practice more at home, but I don't want to disturb my host family!

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  1. Sounds like a tough day. Glad you have Bassoon, swim and Vermicelle to get you through. Sending you a virtual hug.


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