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Monday the 6th and Tuesday the 7th of Febuary

(Not much happened on Saturday and Sunday, because I was sick.)

Monday the 6th
Today was the first day that I had to wait at school before first period started and I was kind of nervous, because I didn't know where my classmates like to wait before class. Small things like this are things that I never thought about before changing schools! You don't want to be the strange kid waiting around with no friends - thats why I tried to get to my old school as late as possible. So I saw some students waiting in the corridor, but I didn't see anyone I knew so I climbed the stairs, hoping that someone would be in front of the classroom. I lucked out! A few of my classmates were waiting there and I partook in some light conversation - it feels great to be included.

I asked a few questions about the schedule and it turns out that we don't have any math/biology/sciences which is pretty strange, but also means that we don't have school on Wednesday. Ever. Which is amazing, but I think that I might sacrifice my free Wednesdays for math. It's not that I love math or anything, but I will have math when I return to Austria and I don't want to be behind. I'll check it out next Wednesday and see how it goes.

Anyway, we had 2 hours of French and 1 hour of history-geography - Alex (the American guy) and Dārta (the Latvian girl) take science instead of French and history-geography on Monday mornings, but I don't feel the need to skip French for Biology - it also allows me to talk to some other students and speak some more French. I got to go home after 3rd period, because every Monday afternoon we have "DS" (Devoir Surveillé) which is basically a test in a different subject every week and the principal said that I didn't have to take the first one, because I hadn't been there.

I don't remember much else that happened, except that my host mom and I went to a bakery to buy the bread for dinner and while were in the boulangerie I saw so many pains au chocolat, croissants and different French pastries - heaven. My host mom did end up buying bugnes for the family - they were marvelous! I probably need to start eating a little healthier, but I do have lots of salad at dinner every night, so that cancels everything else out (that's what I tell myself anyway...).

Tuesday the 7th
I thought that school started at 8 today, but I was wrong. So, I got to school an hour early, but everything worked out, because a lot of my classmates were there, so I hung out with them for an hour and watched them play "Stadt-Land-Fluss" in French - I only know the German term for the game, but basically how the game works is there are multiple categories and someone says a letter and you have to fill out the categories with words that start with that letter, ex. a category is city and the letter is p, you could write Portland.

First period was history-geography - what is it with geography teachers and scarves? All of my geography teachers wear scarves! In Austria and at both schools here! Maybe I just don't understand fashion. After that, we had English literature which was fine, we are talking about dystopian vs utopian societies and we are going to read Brave New World together, which I am very excited about! Last class before lunch was German - the teacher is from Bavaria and I think she liked speaking to me as she is the only German teacher at the school.

Lunch was very fun and spontaneous! Alex invited Dārta and I to his host family's house for lunch! I was a little hesitant, because I know that my host family likes to be told before someone comes over for lunch, as lunch is such a big deal. He assured me that his family always tells him to bring home friends for lunch, so they wouldn't mind. His host family's house wasn't far away at all! Maybe a 5 min walk from school. When we arrived his host dad was there, who was very friendly and accommodating and let us do our own thing - so we had rice and peas. They also have a very cute, hyperactive Shih Tzu who reminded me of Loupy.

On our way back, we went to a boulangerie and got éclairs - I know that I said that I need to start eating healthier, but one éclair won't kill me.

We arrived at school right when class started - we had literature for 2 hours, not the most exciting. Then we had history-geography and English again, which didn't make any sense. Last period we had music - I was looking forward to this until Alex told me that we sing. I can't sing. But today, we didn't sing, because the other students had to prepare for the bac! All in all, I would say that today was the best day that I have had at school so far.

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