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1 negative and 3 positives

Let me set the scene: a bored Amelia in DS, a sheet of unused paper, a pen, and 3 hours of nothing to do...

If you don't know, Ds is "devoir surveillé" or "surveilled work". My class has it every Monday, usually for 3 hours. It's in a different subject every week. So what happens it, we get questions to answer and then we answer them. Seems simple right? RIGHT. That is why I don't understand why we are locked in a room for 3 hours when most of us are done after the first hour or so. And we don't get to leave early, no, we have to stay in here for the rest of the lesson with nothing to do! We cannot talk, we cannot read, we cannot do homework. I mean, I would much rather do homework or study than be locked in a room for 3 hours! It doesn't make any sense!

Like today for example, our DS was in history and he gave us 2 things to do. Part 1: define some vocab; Part 2: Write a text about the World Wars and he gave us one line to go off of! Like, how …

Host brothers birthday weekend!

Before I continue, I would like to apologize for the lack of posts lately. I haven't been extremely busy or anything, just a little lazy, but I intend to start posting regularly again.

Saturday the 18th
We rented a car this weekend, because Rémi's (my host brother) car wouldn't have been able to comfortably transport all of us there (Saint-Martin-de-Crau) and back. On the way there it was just my host dad, host sister and I in the car, because Rémi and his girlfriend had a rendez-vous in the morning, so they took a train at like 7pm. We arrived in Montélimar just before lunch time, so we (host dad, host sister, their aunt and uncle who I really like) went to 2 different nougat factories! Montélimar is known for their nougat, and the aunt has actually been working at the second factory for 30 years! Nougat is really good. There are so many different flavors and types, so we got a huge bag of individual nougat squares and I tried a few - my favorite was the classic, but the t…

First week back at school!

Monday the 6th of March
I had a great day at school today! I arrived 30 minutes too late, because there is construction going on in Vienne, so all of the buses before 9:00 leave 10 minutes earlier which I was not aware of, so I had to take the next bus, which was late. We had 3 hours in the morning, so we got out at 11, but we had DS in the afternoon, so we had to wait at school until 1:45 for that. DS was in physics this week, which I had always been absent for, so I had no idea what was going on and I definetly believe that I failed the test.

Anyway, during the 4 hour break I really improved my relationships with Paul and Asuka - they are super nice and we seem to have a great connection. I love talking to them - their lives are very interesting; Asuka's host family lives on a farm and has a goat! I need to visit her house and meet her family!

Tuesday the 7th of March
I'm not a fan of having to wake up 10 minutes earlier (because of the bus thing) so I asked my host dad if the…

Biggest differences I've noticed

I have been living in France for about a month and a half, so I wouldn't consider myself a French expert, but there are quite a few differences that I have noticed *thus far*.

1) So many dairy products!
You cannot escape dairy here - I don't know how you could live as a lactose intolerant person! They put cheese on everything, even when it's not necessary. After every meal, you are always supplied with cheeses, breads and yoghurts - and if there is dessert, chantilly (whipped cream) is usually served as a side. My host grandma made a pecan cake and served chantilly with it, and my host dad only ate the chantilly! Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, but I can only eat so much cheese...

2) Strange eating habits
a) We were eating pasta the other night and my host brother got out the ketchup. He proceeded to put the ketchup on his pasta. I couldn't stop him. The deed had been done. I started mentally praying to the pasta Gods to forgive him, to please pardon h…