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1 negative and 3 positives

Let me set the scene: a bored Amelia in DS, a sheet of unused paper, a pen, and 3 hours of nothing to do...

If you don't know, Ds is "devoir surveillé" or "surveilled work". My class has it every Monday, usually for 3 hours. It's in a different subject every week. So what happens it, we get questions to answer and then we answer them. Seems simple right? RIGHT. That is why I don't understand why we are locked in a room for 3 hours when most of us are done after the first hour or so. And we don't get to leave early, no, we have to stay in here for the rest of the lesson with nothing to do! We cannot talk, we cannot read, we cannot do homework. I mean, I would much rather do homework or study than be locked in a room for 3 hours! It doesn't make any sense!

Like today for example, our DS was in history and he gave us 2 things to do. Part 1: define some vocab; Part 2: Write a text about the World Wars and he gave us one line to go off of! Like, how am I supposed to write a 600 word essay or whatever with 1 sentence to go off of? I didn't even understand the sentence, or what he wanted from us, and the teachers are never actually here, so I couldn't has him, so I wrote a short text, because there was really no context and I couldn't have written more.  I am very productive in DS though, because I have nothing else to do, I do the things that I don't want to do or am too lazy to do, like writing French texts and drafting my cover letter.

Anyway, that was my 1st negative thing for today, which was pretty easy to think of, not let's go to my positives! I bought my tickets to go to my very first EYP session today!!! I am soooo excited for this! It's this Friday-Sunday in the south of France (near Aix) and it's a French session, which means that everything is in French! I am so excited to meet new people, because even if my friends at school are amazing, we don't do much outside of school and I feel like I'm not speaking as much French as i should be, so hopefully I'll meet some new people who live close-ish to me.

I actually have already been talking to a girl online who is in the same eurovillage thing as I am and she live about 40 minutes away from me, so maybe we'll become friends and do stuff together... But I am so excited! Obviously I'm a little nervous, because like what if my French isn't good enough or it doesn't live up to my expectations? But I'm mainly excited!

Another positive things today, was finally getting my breakfast schedule back on track. For the past week or so, we haven't had any good fruits at home, just some mandarins and mushy apples. So I've been waiting my greek yoghurt (high in protein) with sugary cereals. Thankfully Laurent went to the market on Saturday (usually I go too, but I had orchestra --> next positive thing) and got oranges and kiwis and I enjoyed the best breakfast ever: greek yoghurt and diced orange. It might seem a little b;land to the average person, but in the morning it's all I need. And the bitterness of the yoghurt gets rid of gross morning mouth tastes which is amazing.

The last positive thing that I can think of is orchestra/bassoon! So I've been playing with the little 5-year-olds for a while, so I asked my teacher if there was another orchestra that I could play with - maybe a little more advanced. So now I'm in a very advanced orchestra! I'm playing with some teachers at the conservatoire and some higher-up students, which I must say, doesn't make any sense - I've only been playing for 3 years! Is there like no in between orchestra? Anyway, everything seems to be going well, because all I really do is count for 20 measures and then play 5 notes, which is pretty simple. I have learned a lit though, being in a "professional" orchestra. Faking it, is probably the mist important thing that I have learned :D

The very very last positive: THIS IS MYTHICAL!!!!!!!! Oh my god I cannot wait to listen to Ear Biscuits again after 2 years!!! And Mike and Alex have their own show! How exciting!! I seriously cannot contain my excitement!!!!!


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