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Biggest differences I've noticed

I have been living in France for about a month and a half, so I wouldn't consider myself a French expert, but there are quite a few differences that I have noticed *thus far*.

1) So many dairy products!
You cannot escape dairy here - I don't know how you could live as a lactose intolerant person! They put cheese on everything, even when it's not necessary. After every meal, you are always supplied with cheeses, breads and yoghurts - and if there is dessert, chantilly (whipped cream) is usually served as a side. My host grandma made a pecan cake and served chantilly with it, and my host dad only ate the chantilly! Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, but I can only eat so much cheese...

2) Strange eating habits
a) We were eating pasta the other night and my host brother got out the ketchup. He proceeded to put the ketchup on his pasta. I couldn't stop him. The deed had been done. I started mentally praying to the pasta Gods to forgive him, to please pardon his sin. I asked my host brother how he could commit such a crime and his response was that ketchup was just like tomato sauce, because there are tomatoes in both of them.


That's just like me saying that chocolate sauce and ketchup are interchangeable because they both contain sugar! Ok, maybe that's a stretch, but you get where I'm coming from. We had a good 5 minute "argument" about this topic, and I finally just let him eat his pasta - agree to disagree, right? But then a few days later we were eating rice. The same thing happened.

b) They also eat avocados with mayonnaise. Like, how can you eat anything with mayonnaise, let alone the best green fruit?! It-it... *voice cracks* it just doesn't make any sense. *tears streaming down face*

3) Dogs poop wherever they like
This one is just annoying. I don't like living with a dog. Frankly, she's pretty stupid and just wants attention. I'm not saying that about all dogs, just the one I am currently living with. And she's small, and if you're going to get a small pet, get a cat - they're much smarter and independent. I'm going off topic. Ok, so no one picks up after their dogs here. Dogs also don't learn that they should do their business in the bushes or grass, so there is just dog crap in the middle of the street!

For example, I was walking Loupy and she started squatting in the middle of the crosswalk! Luckily, there were no cars there and we were close to home, so we went home and I asked my host mom for a bag so I could go back and pick it up. She said that I didn't have to, and if it made me feel any better, the neighbors never pick up after their dogs. How is that a valid excuse?? Anyway, she begrudgingly gave me a bag and I walked back and picked up after Loupy. I asked her if Loupy had learned that she shouldn't crap on the pavement, and she laughed it off and said no. I assume that every other dog owner feels the same way.


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