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First week back at school!

Monday the 6th of March
I had a great day at school today! I arrived 30 minutes too late, because there is construction going on in Vienne, so all of the buses before 9:00 leave 10 minutes earlier which I was not aware of, so I had to take the next bus, which was late. We had 3 hours in the morning, so we got out at 11, but we had DS in the afternoon, so we had to wait at school until 1:45 for that. DS was in physics this week, which I had always been absent for, so I had no idea what was going on and I definetly believe that I failed the test.

Anyway, during the 4 hour break I really improved my relationships with Paul and Asuka - they are super nice and we seem to have a great connection. I love talking to them - their lives are very interesting; Asuka's host family lives on a farm and has a goat! I need to visit her house and meet her family!

Tuesday the 7th of March
I'm not a fan of having to wake up 10 minutes earlier (because of the bus thing) so I asked my host dad if they had a bike that I could use - he said that he will get it out for me this week, but until then I have to wake up earlier than I want to. School was pretty uneventful today - the German teacher wasn't here so I had a free lesson before lunch and since Dārta moved, I am the only person in my class taking German, which meant that I was alone (I just did sudoku for an hour...). We got out an hour earlier than usual so I went home before bassoon and took the bus to the conservatoire. I met a nice lady at the bus stop who started talking to me about my "art case", so I had to explain what a bassoon was for the bajillionth time.

Orchestra practice with the kids went well, and so did my private lesson. I am playing a duet with the 1 other bassoon student next week at a presentation thing about the bassoon for little kids trying to choose which instrument to start playing, which should be fun! I am also going to be in the youth orchestra in Vienne and we start practicing next week for a performance in April which I am also very excited about.

Wednesday the 8th of March
I feel so blessed to not have school on Wednesday. It's like a mini weekend; I get up later and have the whole day to do whatever I want. I try to go swimming twice a week, and Wednesday's and Saturdays seem to have been working out pretty well, so I went swimming! I really pushed myself today, fueled by anger, which seemes bad, but it actually works.
There was a man who got in the pool maybe 5 minutes after me and started doing aerobic exercises in the lane that I was in. I had to swim around him which was making me super angry, especially because there was enough space in the rest of the pool for him, but I wasn't going to change lanes because I got there first. So I just used that energy and pushed myself to swim more and faster than before. And when I got out of the pool, I felt great and also very tired.

When I got home, my host dad showed me the bike that I could use, which is my host sisters bike that she never uses. It's a little small, but I tried it out and I mean it's a bike, so it will get me from point A to point B.

Thursday the 9th of March
I didn't bike to school, because the tires are a little low and I couldn't find the pump, so I had to wake up early to catch the bus.
Either nothing happened important happened on Thursday, I forgot all of the amazing things that happened, or it was such a bad day that I blocked it out. Either way, I have nothing to report.

Friday the 10th of March
I rode the bike to school today! The route is fairly simple, there are hills at the beginning and end of the ride, so I always have a climb to look forward to at the end of the ride. The hill is so steep near the end coming home, that I had to walk it - I literally would not have made it. School was pretty uneventful like usual. I did go on a walk with Alex during the break which was nice.

Saturday the 11th of March
I am trying to eat healthier, cut out refined sugar from my diet and do more sports, so I went to the market today and got some apples (after all, an apple a day keeps the doctor away), broccoli, kiwis and lettuce! The market really is the best place to get fresh produce. There is a system though - you have to walk around the whole market once to see what you can find and check the best price - I got all of that for about 5euros!

I came home and we ate lunch together, then my host dad went to work and I played the bassoon. I went swimming at 3 which was great! I have goals now, so I feel more motivated to go swimming. After that, I went to the library to check out a book for French class, but they didn't have it so I'll have to buy it :/

Anyway, I had a pretty great week and I am feeling better than ever here - school was been going well and the social aspect is always improving! It is getting easier to practice the bassoon when people are at home and I am making strides to improve my health! I feel like I am just now becoming more of my own parent - the first 2 months seemed like a vacation, but I am now
realizing that I can't just eat ice cream and cookies, or stare at my computer screen for hours on end. I guess this means that I won't have to go through all of that in college!


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