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Pops and Mommy visit!

Thursday the 13th of April
My parents flew out this morning to Lyon, where they were staying for the first night. I got out of school at 11:30, so I took the train to Lyon at 12 to meet up with them! They were waiting for me in their hotel lobby - it was great to see them, I had been anticipating it for like over a month and was very excited to hug them! We chatted in the lobby for a while, but then we went to their hotel room and my pops fell asleep on the bed - he had been in the US about 24hours before, so I don't blame him.

After our little sieste, we decided to walk around Lyon a little and see some sights. Since I had been there the week before with my class, I already knew where we should go, so we took the metro to the city hall. We walked around there for a little bit - we were starting to get a little peckish, so we went to a monoprix and got sandwiches and smoothies. The weather was great, so we ate on the steps of the Musée des Beaux-Arts, across from city hall and in front of Place des Terraux. Great people watching there.

Ensuite, we walked to the old town. We had been looking for a boulangerie, and right when we walked into vieux Lyon, we found one! We ordered 3 things: une tarte citron and two types of éclair. Obviously, we wanted to try them all, so we cut them into thirds. This was the place where my mom became obsessed with lemon meringue tarts and my dad became obsessed with éclairs. I had a little stomach ache, so we sat outside and got a little fresh air before walking through vieux Lyon.

When I had gone to Lyon with my host family, we had gone to the Basilique Fourvière and we had about 2 hours to kill before I had to take the train back to Vienne, so that's exactly what we did. We took the funicular up the hill and saw the beautiful view over Lyon and my pops and I went into the Basilique. Shortly thereafter, we went back to the main train station of Lyon where I took my train home - it was 10 minutes late, and arrived 30 minutes late, which meant that I had to wait another 20 minutes for my bus.

I had a little to eat when I got home, and then I went to bed - I had a little stomach ache. That was 100% the worst night of my life. I started vomiting around 10 and tried to go to sleep after that, but I kept waking up every 30minutes doing that fake throw up thing. I felt horrible. You feel so helpless when it happens, because you can't control your body. It's the worst. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail, because who wants to hear about that, but I did end up taking a shower that night (well, morning I guess...). I went to sleep at around 4 in the morning.

Friday the 14th of April
I woke up feeling horrible. My stomach was all out of wack and my head was killing me, because I was dehydrated. My host dad made a doctors appointment for me in the afternoon, thank goodness. I had been planning for my friends to meet my parents after school on Friday to maybe get lunch or something, and I still wanted them to meet my parents even though I hadn't gone to school, so we met up with them outside and got a bite to eat in Vienne. It was a little hard, because my parents don't speak French, but my friends stepped their English up, and everything turned out great!

We then drove to their accommodation for the next few days - it was up on a steep hill and had an amazing view of Vienne. The hosts were really nice, but didn't speak any English, so I translated a little bit. My pops then drove me to my doctors appointment - the doctor was super young and cool and was right next to the pharmacy, so we picked up my medicine right after. I was super hungry, as I had only had a slice of baguette the whole day and it was 4 pm.

Suivant, pops picked me up some food at the grocery store while I listened to calming piano songs in the car, with the seat all the way down. I was tired, ok. The store took a while, so by the time we got back, Mommy was waiting for us, looking at the view from their accommodation. We rested on the bed for a little bit, but they had been invited for a glass of wine and some hors d'œuvres by the hosts, so we had to get up :(. We had a great conversation with them (I had to translate everything) while the sun set (in French you say "le soleil se couche", which means the sun in going to sleep).

My arms started to itch really bad, and there were these little white red dots all over my arm and it really hurt. They went away after about 2 hours, but it was really strange - probably a reaction to the medicine or something. Pops drove me back to my house after the sun set and I went straight to sleep, I had a great sleep.

Saturday the 15th of April
Big day today - my host family (except for Aline) would be meeting my parents! We met up at the market to get some cheese and fresh produce and then we all got coffee together. Again, I translated most of it, and it went really well! We had lots to talk about and my translating skills didn't suck, so everyone understood each other!

We then took the bus back to our house together and there was a CAT ON THE BUS. It wasn't even in a cage! It was literally sitting on this woman's lap meowing! I thought that the noise was a child at first, because it was so loud and human-like, I really wanted to take a picture, but that seemed a little inappropriate at the time. I really wish that I had taken a picture. Hm.

When we got home, my parents met Vermicelle! - she loved them, obviously. They also met Rémi and Norah which was a little awkward at first, but once we were all at the table and eating it was much more comfortable. It was a little hard to keep up the translating when there were 2 different conversations going on, but Rémi showed that he understands quite a bit and did answer to a lot of their questions, so good for him! The food was really good! I stuck to salad, because I didn't feel like throwing up again, but the salad was really good! Laurent cut up a lot of veggies and made a killer vinaigrette.

My parents were a little overwhelmed by all of the food, I think. I mean, we had some small hors d'œuvres, a huge main meal, then cheese + bread and then the lemon meringue tart that we had got at the boulangerie. I was so sad when the cheese came out. The doctor said that I couldn't eat cheese or dairy products, and we had so many cheeses on the table and I wanted to eat all of them :( I did have some lemon meringue tart though (my mom's fav since Thursday) and it was really good!

After lunch, we went back into Vienne to look around a little. We first walked up a super steep hill to get a great view of Vienne and on the way down, we walked through the cemetery. This took quite a while, so we only had like 45 minutes left to see the museum/Roman ruins in Vienne. On the way back to the accommodation my mom got a lemon meringue tart :D. Then we had a little dinner and resposed (Frenglish).

Sunday the 16th of April
We went to Annecy today! We thought that there weren't going to be a lot of people there, because it was Easter Sunday, but it was packed! There were a lot of small children on mini bikes and I was very scared that they were going to either run into me or fall into the canal and lake. There were also a lot of people on bikes by the lakefront. We walked around for a bit and got meringue and a quiche at a market in the middle of town.

Then we rented bikes. There were not many bikes left, so my mom got a road bike and Pops and I shared a tandem bike. I wish you could see the facial expression I'm making right now. It was so much fun! We rode up the lake and then back the same way, because it was really hilly on the other side. We rode for about 2 hours - 25km (15.5mi)! We were super starving afterwards, so we got pizza, calzones and salad at a cool restaurant. They also gave us little easter chocolates. We were planning on getting ice cream as a dessert, but the lines were super long, so we decided against it. Probably a good call in the long run.

We walked up a super steep hill to go to a museum, but it was closed. We did see quite a few interesting dogs though, so it was worth it. Annecy was beautiful - glad we went there.

Monday the 17th of April
Last day :( But exciting day! Pops picked me up early and we went to the accommodation, where they finished packing and gave back the keys. We promptly went down to Vienne and met up with my whole host family (Laurent, Aline, Rémi, Norah + host brother that doesn't live at home and his girlfriend) for a coffee. This went very well! Since there were so many people there, it was a little more difficult to translate everything, but it turned out fine - Aline understood a lot of what was being said anyway.

Then, we got a baguette (it was still warm) and a lemon meringue for Mommy, 2 éclairs for Pops and an almond croissant for me and left to go to Mirmande, a small town about an hour away. We walked around there for a little while and saw 2 cats. It was a really cute little French town, very hilly and quaint. Then we drove home and said our goodbyes :( It was sad, but it wasn't nearly as hard as 3 months ago when I left. I also don't really feel as homesick now, because life is a lot better now than the first month or so.

All in all a great trip with my awesome parents!


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