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Mother's day!

I didn't have school this whole week (except 'till 11 on Monday), because the 11th graders were taking the "bac blanc" (like a practice bac) Monday afternoon and all day Tuesday (the bac is the French equivalent of the Matura - the Matura is the Austrian equivalent of the A-levels - the A-levels are the British exams that you take to graduate high school - there isn't really an equivalent in the US). And since I'm not taking the bac, I didn't go to school! I don't have school on Wednesday anyway, and Thursday was a Catholic holiday and our school took Friday off too!

Sunday the 28th of May
Aline got home late last night, as she works on Saturday, and drove from Saint-Martin-de-Crau up to Vienne for the weekend. We got up at 8 (early for me, since I had been sleeping in the whole week) to go to a lake for the day! It was a 1:30h drive, which I didn't mind at all, because the route was beautiful - I was stuck in the back with Norah and Rémi though, a…

Motorcycle ride to Lyon!

Saturday the 20th of May 2017
I had a great day today! I had been feeling pretty depressed and like I hadn't used my time in France efficiently enough (I'm starting to think about the process of leaving - less than a month) the night before, so I wrote a super long journal entry at like 11pm, because it was raining and I was listening to a sad Spotify playlist. After writing that, I decided to be productive and go out and do something this weekend! I have also been watching this guy "Charisma on Command" on YouTube, and he teaches you how to stop procrastinating and be productive among other things, and all of these things together, caused me to have a great weekend!

First off, Norah, Laurent and I went to the market! I love going to the market - it was a little overcast so there weren't as many people there - which I prefer. After a few minutes at the market, I decided to leave Norah and Laurent and go to the bookstore and try to find a French grammar book that …

Fête des moutons!

Friday the 12th of May Friday fun day! I got out of school at 11 today – I would have usually gotten out at 2:40, but since Norah and I were taking the train to go to Saint-Martin-de-Crau at around 3, Laurent said that I should eat with them at the house so I would have some time to get ready. After eating, I packed my backpack for the weekend trip and laid in my bed with Vermicelle for a bit, before driving to the train station with Norah and Laurent.
There are 2 ways to get to the train station from our house – one of them is a little shorter, so we usually take that route, but since there is a lot of construction work going on in Vienne right now, it takes forever to get to the city center. We started out on that road, but soon realized that it would take forever to get there, so we turned around and took the second road.
When we were halfway there, we were blocked by the fire department, as they were putting out a fire in an apartment building. We waited a little to see if they woul…

Biggest mistakes I have made as an exchange student

1. I focused too much on my life in Austria
When I first got here, I didn't want to leave anything behind or miss out on anything happening in Villach. I was thinking too much in the future, about when I would get back and how different everything would be, instead of building a "new life" here. This made the first month (or so) super difficult and contributed to the bad integration at my first lycée. Comparing the people I met to the people I already knew in Austria wasn't fair to them and I didn't really give them a chance. I just wanted a copy of everyone, which was pretty close-minded and would not lead to unique experiences.

2. I don't go up and talk to people
Ok. I can't talk to people! It's hard to go up to strangers and talk to them! I have read countless articles on how to be self confident and just talk to people and I have tried, but its so hard! I have definitely noticed the repercussions that this has on my life, most of them are negative.…

Baking and ducks

Second week of break (24th -29th of April)
I love baking. I baked everyday last week, except for Friday (I did make chocolate covered strawberries which one could count as baking, but not really). I love improving my baking skills and trying new things, like different decoration styles or modifying recipes, even if is just a minor change that no one notices. I love showing off my baked goods and sharing them on Instagram and Facebook, not because I need the validation of strangers, but because I'm proud of the picture I took and how I framed and edited it.

Finding new, creative ways to shoot your baked goods is exciting! I usually take about 50-60 pictures of the same shot with a little difference in angle or with the plate turned the other way. The other day, when looking for a spot to take a picture of a piece of cake, I walked around the neighborhood in socks and when I finally found the best background, 2 Frenchmen came out of nowhere and scolded the youth of today for being o…