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Baking and ducks

Second week of break (24th -29th of April)
I love baking. I baked everyday last week, except for Friday (I did make chocolate covered strawberries which one could count as baking, but not really). I love improving my baking skills and trying new things, like different decoration styles or modifying recipes, even if is just a minor change that no one notices. I love showing off my baked goods and sharing them on Instagram and Facebook, not because I need the validation of strangers, but because I'm proud of the picture I took and how I framed and edited it.

Finding new, creative ways to shoot your baked goods is exciting! I usually take about 50-60 pictures of the same shot with a little difference in angle or with the plate turned the other way. The other day, when looking for a spot to take a picture of a piece of cake, I walked around the neighborhood in socks and when I finally found the best background, 2 Frenchmen came out of nowhere and scolded the youth of today for being obsessed with documenting everything or something like that. Honestly, it was pretty hilarious and I just continued taking my pictures, but I understood what they meant. I mean, a shoeless teen (wearing mismatched socks), standing in front of someone's shrubbery, holding a phone in one hand and a piece of cake in the other, at like 7pm. Who wouldn't have thought that this was strange? I didn't even end up using that background in the final picture.

I don't know what the point of this was. On to the next story!

My new favorite animal: Ducks
So I was walking the dogs (Loupy and Pepito) the other day, and we happened to come across a small lake. It was quite cute and extremely beautiful. It was surrounded my luscious trees and a fence, for some reason. It looked like a nice place to walk dogs, so we started walking around the lake. We paraded down the first side of the lake trouble-free. We greeted a few people who were fishing and driving electric boats across the lake - the dogs were fascinated by this, so I was forced to wait for a few minutes while they watched - Pepito is stronger than one would think.

On the way back, we encountered the first flock of ducks. They were sitting in the middle of the path right next to the lake - there were maybe 5 of them just sitting there with their necks nuzzled into the side of their bodies. I don't know what you would call that body part. Anyway, I didn't want to disturb them, because I assumed they were sleeping. I crossed over to the other side of the path and of course they noticed that we were there and they all stood up and started quacking (cutest noise btw) and ran under the fence to the lake. I felt really bad.

We continued to stroll along the path and maybe 2 minutes later we came across another flock! I still felt bad that we had disturbed the first flock, so I just turned around so as to not upset them - I had seen a side exit between the two groups anyway. Then a swan appeared out of nowhere. I am extremely scared of swans. They are so big and imposing! You never know what their next move is. It was still in the water, but it was puffing itself up, because of the dogs I presume, so I started sprinting away from it - I'm happy that I'm still alive. Those things are terrifying.

We came across 3 more groups of ducks that evening, because we "decided" to take the long way home (I got lost), which was along a small stream. I took the dogs to the same little lake 2 more times while I was there and there were so many ducks there each time! I know now that they were't just sleeping - it's breeding season!

Also, I ran into a goat in a small town and took a selfie with her! She was "baaaaa"ing and it was really cute.



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