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Muddy Angel run and gladiators!

Saturday the 10th of June
Aline got home pretty late last night and isn't working today, because she is partaking in a "Muddy Angels run" in Lyon! This is a 5km run with a few obstacles to overcome that she is doing with her rugby team. It's a women only mud run and all of the proceeds go to the movement against breast cancer. It is an amazing event, and there were so many strong, powerful and motivated women there, and I just felt so empowered by being there, surrounded by them - even though I didn't run.

When we got to Lyon, I met all of her old rugby-mates (she doesn't play anymore) and their children and husbands. Laurent is actually the coach of the women's rugby team in Vienne and trains them every Friday and Monday! Rugby isn't that popular in the USA or in Austria, so I didn't really know what is was before Laurent showed me a match on TV and wow - rugby is a brutal sport! He described it as football without protection. Needless to say, this team of women was pretty strong.

Once we were at the venue, they all got signed up and got their headbands and proceeded to take pictures and drink beer. At like 11 in the morning. 40 minutes before a 5k run. Oh, Europe.

Norah and I watched the group that left at 11:10 (groups of around 200 left every 30 minutes from
9:10am to 5:10pm) participate in the warm up session with 2 trainers. I loved the music that was playing - lots of Girls Just Want to Have Fun and Run The World (Girls), which was just pumping me up and made me wish that I had signed up for the run. There were also some pretty amazing costumes and t-shirts, including Wonder Woman outfits and Supergirl shirts! They got a pep talk by the organisers of the event and then were sent off in the 90 degree weather for the run.

The group that Aline was in came next, at 11:40, and it was basically the exact same warm up and pep talk, but the trainers had so much energy and were super into the workout, that it really motivated everyone to keep up. Then came the pep talk and rules and they were off - the most exciting part for them and the most boring part for us. I didn't bring my book, so I was not properly prepared for the hour and a half the followed. We found a shaded slope looking over the last obstacle and I honestly might have fallen asleep for a little. I was also starving, but we obviously had to wait for them to finish. They came by the last obstacle at 1:15 or so, and we all went down to cheer them on and watch them run through the finish line together.

The participants got these aloe vera strawberry drinks, but Aline brought back 4 bottles - one for each of us :D Laurent and the other husbands decided that beer was what Aline and the other runners wanted to drink instead and proceeded to wait in the longest and slowest line ever. And it turned out that no one wanted beer, except for them. Go figure.

FOOD! We walked back to the cars and set up a huge picnic with everyone - there were at least 12 coolers filled with food and drinks. I was not complaining. We ate, talked, and laughed for 3 hours - I had a great time. There was the notorious chat about my semester abroad and I answered the same 10 questions. I didn't mind though, because... food.

Sunday the 11th of June
Oh my god it was so hot today. My day started after lunch, when Laurent, Aline, Norah and I went to the "Journées Gallo-Romains" at the Roman museum here in Vienne. It's basically a weekend of reenactments from Roman times, which included gladiator fights. It would have probably been a lot more captivating if it hadn't been in the middle of a field with no shade or wind at all. The fights were interesting to watch though, especially because the crowd got to decide the fate of the loser, by either screaming "mitte" which would spare him, or "iugula" which would kill him. I screamed the latter every time, because I wanted to see how they would kill the gladiator. Turns out they just "stabbed" him and he fell to the ground.

We walked around a little more after the gladiator fight and visited tents from different areas in France that showed us different jobs back then.

Rémi, Norah, Aline and I decided to go to a lake after that to cool down. Rémi started throwing Norah and I around in the water, which was really fun, but after a while I decided to get out and read my book. Turns out you can't read a book with Aline next to you when she has nothing to do. She just talks and talks - doesn't need any feedback at all.
After the lake, we ordered pizza and drove to pick it up when we left the lake.


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